Coming soon!

Geogrify is planning to launch its Culturalizer™ ad-hoc review service for content developers who require cultural guidance and strategy on smaller scale issues. For one low flat rate, you will be able to submit a single piece of content for review and in return you will receive a detailed assessment and recommendation within 3 business days (or within 1 business day for an additional “rush” expediting fee). The queries can be any potential issue of concern that requires rapid feedback, such as:

  • Curious if a specific icon or symbol might be culturally sensitive?
  • Concerned that a country or regional map for your product might not be correct?
  • Worried if a historical scenario or fictional plot in a game might be problematic?
  • Hoping to ensure that the tone of a global press release is culturally inclusive?

Watch this space for more information, or follow @geogrify on Twitter for the latest announcements!