Upcoming Events

If you are attending these events or if you are located in the geographic area, meetings with Kate Edwards can be arranged by contacting Geogrify.

[Note: Several speaking engagements and events have moved online or are postponed until later in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic]

9 April 2021
Waffle Games 2021 (Speaker)
Global (Online)

19-23 April 2021
PGC Digital #6 (Moderator & Track Compère)
Global (Online)

6 May 2021
Globalsaké ParlamINT (Speaker)
Global (Online)

14-16 May 2021
FemDevMeetup Game Jam (Speaker)
Global (Online)

26-28 May 2021
Nordic Game (Track Organizer & Speaker)
Global (Online)

8-10 June 2021
Dev Days Europe (Speaker)
Vilnius, Lithuania

12-16 July 2021
Pocket Gamer Connects (Speaker)
London, UK

19-23 July 2021
Game Developers Conference (Advisory Board Member)
Global (Online)

23-25 July 2021
Comic-con International (Speaker)
Global (Online)

25-28 August 2021
Cologne, Germany

8-9 September 2021
British Cartography Society Conference (Speaker)
Nottingham, UK