Upcoming Events

If you are attending these events or if you are located in the geographic area, meetings with Kate Edwards can be arranged by contacting Geogrify.

[Note: Several in-person speaking engagements and events have been postponed at minimum through September 2020 due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak]

17-30 August 2020
Devcom (Speaker)
Global (Online)

12 September 2020
Expanded Animation (Speaker)
Global (Online)

17 September 2020
Epiphany Lab (Speaker)
Global (Online)

22 September 2020
Shift Remote (Speaker)
Global (Online)

12-17 October 2020
Reboot Develop Uni & Blue (Speaker & Reboot Uni Organizer)
Dubrovnik, Croatia

21-23 October 2020
Reboot Develop Red (Speaker)
Banff, Canada

25-27 November 2020
Nordic Game (Track Organizer & Speaker)
Malmö, Sweden

8-9 December 2020
London, UK